choose local

Now, more than ever, the support of Alaskan owned and operated businesses has the opportunity to provide mitigating impacts on the current softening of our state’s economy.  If you need to purchase a product or service and are faced with the option of buying from a locally owned business or from a large, national firm, here is some data you may want to consider (Source: Civic Economics):

  • For every $100 spent with a local vendor, 73% stays within the local community.  For the same amount spent with a national company, only 43% stays remains in the local economy.
  • When you buy from local companies, your money stays local because local business owners are much more likely to spend their money where they live.
  • Local business owners do everything they can to stay local while national companies often abandon their buildings and our communities when presented with more favorable economics.
  • A locally-owned business loses three jobs for every two new jobs that a national company creates in our community.

When it comes to medical waste disposal services you now have a choice between nationally-owned companies and an Alaskan owned and operated company like Envirolaska.  We are here for the long haul and working to help realize improvements in public health statewide through the delivery of our services.

While we operate with much smaller resources by comparison to nationally owned providers, we take pride in our ability to deliver greater value to our Alaskan customer base by comparison to these options. Here’s how we stack up against the national medical waste disposal competitors operating in the Alaska market:

  • Lower Cost.  Reduce your disposal costs by 15-30% and gain access to a variety of customer incentives.
  • Flat Rate Pricing.  Simple, per-collection pricing model with fixed rates and no additional add on service charges.
  • Exceptional Service. Flexible collection schedules, online manifest tracking and bill pay, clean-cut certified collection technicians, and commitment to our customers.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you are not 100% satisfied with our service, let us know and we will make it right.
  • Commitment to Safety. We exceed all regulatory requirements and support our customers through complementary waste audits, management plans, and more.
  • Sustainable Operations. Shrink your facility’s environmental footprint through our green technologies.
  • Compliance Training.  Access a world class compliance solution to help meet your OSHA, HIPAA, and DOT requirements.
  • Alaskan Owned and Operated.  Support Alaska’s economy through partnership with local enterprise.

Envirolaska would be honored to support your practice through our cost effective, compliant, and environmentally focused services.  Contact us today for a no-obligation service quote to get started with a locally owned provider.