Our Company

Envirolaska aims to provide improved access to the management and treatment services associated with unique waste streams while reducing costs for generators, improving public health, and producing value-add outputs to reduce the environmental impacts of the inputs which we manage.

More succinctly, Envirolaska’s mission is to transform waste into opportunity.

Envirolaska was created to fulfill a growing need for biohazardous medical waste disposal services and supplies which are customer centric, 100% compliant, and environmentally focused.  Envirolaska provides medical professionals and other generators of potentially infectious waste with convenient and economical disposal solutions statewide. We provide medical waste collection services within the Anchorage municipality, treatment and disposal services, and medical waste return mail solutions along with medical waste supplies.

Our friendly and reliable staff provide the best quality of service possible while offering customers unmatched accessibility to their treatment records associated with this highly regulated waste stream.

Envirolaska is proud to be a local, female-owned Alaska Native enterprise and is at your service to help you in any way possible.