Medical Waste Treatment Technology

Envirolaska utilizes one of the most technologically advanced medical waste treatment solutions operating in the State of Alaska. Our waste processing equipment utilizes the scientific principal of steam sterilization combined with an integrated maceration component (SSM).  What makes this patented and proprietary SSM technology different from steam sterilization in an autoclave is that all particles being sterilized in the SSM are cut into small pieces and directly surrounded by superheated water and steam. In contrast to an autoclave, a vacuum is drawn during the process and a small amount of water is used to produce steam to penetrate materials that remain whole.  During processing, these particles are continuously recirculated throughout the processing chamber, thus eliminating any “cold spots” that can occur in a standard autoclave.

Video provided by permission of Red Bag Solutions.

There have been several white papers written over the years describing this weakness in the use of autoclaves for the sterilization of regulated medical waste.  The SSM closed loop system solves this problem and ensures that all material is shredded and bathed in superheated water. It is the only treatment system known to guarantee sterilization by the manufacturer of all processed material during every cycle.

Our processing technology also supports Envirolaska’s commitment to the environment. These benefits are primarily realized through the maceration activity completed during processing.  As a result of this activity, the volume of processed wastes is reduced by up to 80%.  Liquid waste, including the contents of sealed containers, is sterilized and disposed of via the sanitary sewer which further reduces the weight of processed material. Grinding wastes also allows the post processed waste to compact, thereby taking up less space in our trash containers, and subsequent, permanent disposal at the landfill.  Of additional relevance to our customers, this maceration capability also greatly eliminates HIPAA liabilities that may exist by making the waste unrecognizable. Any patient information that may be included with collected materials is fully destroyed through our process.

As another difference, conventional autoclaves require that users place the medical waste into special cart liners made of polyurethane. Our technology does not, which results in a further reduction of waste NOT being put into landfills.

Finally, the SSM technology presents significant benefits that help us operate as a good neighbor. As opposed to autoclaves or incineration technologies, our SSM technology emits no odors, requires no chemical inputs, uses substantially less energy to process waste, and reduces transportation requirements associated with treated material while simultaneously creating opportunities to recycle these wastes once sterilized.

Put simply, our process is just different in many ways. This treatment technology allows us to operate a clean, safe, efficient, and highly effective operation that you will be proud to utilize.  Nonetheless, don’t just take our word for it! We would be delighted to have you visit our operation personally to show you our passions for helping customers reduce costs, maintain compliance, and improve environmental performance through our services.