Tame Healthcare Compliance. Forever.

Envirolaska offers a world-class healthcare compliance training solution that is not only affordable, but a quality product that is easy to use, continually updated to support the latest regulatory changes, and one that you and your staff can rely on. Additionally, our system is comprehensive and can greatly minimize the amount of time and effort extended by administrators to manage compliance activity across any healthcare practice.

Envirolaska offers tools to help with your healthcare compliance and regulatory needs from safety plans to incident reporting to SDS management. For one low annual subscription, Envirolaska offers you access to all features available through any internet enabled device.

World Class Training

With Envirolaska, managing regulatory training has never been easier. Easily choose from our library of 17 courses to assign to a single user or a group of users. Automate training reminders, notifications, and refresher courses.  Generate certificates automatically upon user completion of assigned courses which can be continually retaken until passed.  In addition, our courses are continually updated to support the latest regulatory requirements.

Available Courses

Our visually appealing and immersive courseware supports participation by your staff while our regularly updated library of Federal and State courses ensures your office maintains continual access to latest regulatory requirements.

Available courses include OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen and Safety Training, HIPAA Training, DOT HM-181 Training, Hazardous Communication and Chemical Safety (HAZCOM), Alaska Specific Codes and Regulations, and more!

Group Learning

If you require the ability to train employees in a physical group, we have you covered. Our group learning tool easily allows for training to be completed in a group setting while allowing all attending individuals to obtain a certificate of completion.

Safety Plans and Incident Reports

Creating safety plans and Incident reports for your organization using the intuitive plan builder allows administration to create, update, manage, and assign safety plans and incident reports with just a few clicks. Plans range in topics covering items such as OSHA Exposure Control Plans and Hazard Communication Program, Fire Prevention, Injury Illness and Prevention, and much more! Utilize our plan builders or upload your own to manage all company safety plans in one location and make them easily accessible to your entire staff.  Additionally, our system offers complete inspection audits to help identify any compliance deficiencies that may exist at your practice by covering all applicable OSHA regulations.

SDS Management

Managing SDS records among staff at your practice is now a breeze. Working with hazardous products requires that safety data sheets be accessible and available to employees utilizing these products at all times. Taking the paper out of your Safety Data Sheet management allows for easy access, at any time, by multiple users. Employees can login and quickly search their SDS binder for the product information. Run reports on which products are in your binder, add new products from our ever growing library, or upload your own documents directly to your binder to maintain full OSHA/JCAHO compliance.

Maintaining regulatory compliance has never been easier for Alaska medical waste generators.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your compliance and training requirements.