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Medical Waste Disposal Service

Envirolaska offers medical waste disposal services across Southcentral Alaska and mail back disposal solutions for rural Alaska generators.  Request a service quote today to reduce your medical waste disposal and sharps disposal costs by 15-30% or more!

MailBack Systems

Evirolaska offers a range of cost effective, convenient, and compliant mailback disposal solutions for Alaska medical waste generators.  Systems are USPS-authorized, DOT compliant, and sized appropriately for rural Alaska and small biohazard generators alike.

Healthcare Compliance Training

Envirolaska offers a world-class training solution that is not only affordable, but a quality product that is easy to use, continually updated to support the latest regulatory changes, and one that you and your staff can rely on for OSHA, HIPAA, and DOT requirements.

Alaska medical waste disposal

Medical Waste Disposal Services


Envirolaska provides generators of biomedical waste access to the most effective, valuable, and environmentally responsible means of managing these resources.  We are locally owned and operated and working with our customers across Alaska to improve public health statewide through our delivery of fully compliant, environmentally focused, and cost effective medical waste management services.

From onsite collection for Anchorage area generators, to mail back medical waste systems for rural Alaska generators, to healthcare compliance training, we have you covered for all of your medical waste disposal requirements.


If your practice is located in Southcentral Alaska (Anchorage and the valley), we are able to service your facility through regular medical waste collection and disposal service.  Envirolaska would be honored to help reduce waste at your practice, your risks, and your disposal costs through our environmentally focused and locally owned operation.  In addition, all regular collection customers receive access to our world class healthcare training solutions to help ensure your staff remains safe, knowledgeable, and compliant.  Through partnership with our customers, we aim to improve public health statewide through our delivery of fully compliant, environmentally focused, and cost effective medical waste management services.

Alaska Road System

If you are on the road system, but outside of our current collection service area, please contact us to learn when we may begin servicing new locations.  We would be happy to recommend options that may be available in your area through other service providers if we are unable to help you directly at this time.  You may also want to consider medical waste disposal service with Envirolaska through our USPS-authorized return mail solutions.  Learn more about our mail back medical waste systems in our service section.

Rural Alaska

If you operate in rural Alaska, biohazard waste can collected and mailed to Envirolaska for treatment and disposal through the use of our USPS authorized mail back solutions.  Envirolaska offers several USPS mail back solutions which may be utilized to for the collection, transportation, treatment, and disposal of biomedical wastes and sharps for medical waste generators across Alaska.  Our solutions provide a cost effective means for rural Alaska healthcare providers to compliantly dispose of their medical waste.  Learn more about our mail back medical waste systems.

Sharps Containers

Medical Waste Supplies

Whether you are in need of medical waste disposal, a sharps container, biohazard waste liner bags, or mailback medical waste systems, Envirolaska offers a variety of medical waste disposal products and services with proven track records for our customers’ convenience.  To get free delivery of purchased supplies with your regular medical waste collection service, or to set up recurring orders at rural Alaska locations for our mail back disposal solutions, please contact us.

We are continually looking for new products that we can offer to better meet the needs of our customers. If there are additional biohazard supplies we could offer to support your healthcare practice, please let us know how we could serve you better.

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Envirolaska and Medical Waste Disposal

Anchorage, Alaska based Envirolaska aims to provide improved access to the management and treatment services associated with unique waste streams while reducing costs for generators, improving public health, and producing value-add outputs to reduce the environmental impacts of the inputs which we manage.

More succinctly, Envirolaska’s mission is to transform waste into opportunity.

Maintaining OSHA, HIPAA, and DOT Compliance at Your Practice

One question that comes up frequently with our customers, is “What are my OSHA requirements”. Now we have the answer in an easy to review format to help support regulatory compliance at your practice. Our OSHA Quick Guide covers what is…

Cradle to Grave Medical Waste Regulations

In 1976, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established one of the agency's most encompassing pieces of legislation with the Resource Conservation and and Recovery Act more commonly referred to as RCRA.  The legislation was formed…

Dental Amalgam Disposal

In June 2017, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a final rule under the Clean Water Act mandating specific standards to control mercury discharges into publicly owned treatment works. The EPA's new rule requires dental practices…

Medical Waste Service Agreements

When communicating with customers about medical waste services, one of the first questions that is always asked is “What is disposal service going to cost?”.  This is obviously an important consideration of any purchase decision and the…
Common Medical Waste Management Mistakes

Common Medical Waste Management Mistakes

The proper management of medical waste can be a complicated process, but an extremely necessary one for any facility generating these regulated materials.  Not only can the improper handling and disposal of medical waste expose patients, healthcare…
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Medical Waste Mail Back Systems

If your facility generates a small volume of clinical waste or is located in rural Alaska, you might find that best disposal solution for these materials involves your mailbox.  Consider the use of USPS-authorized medical waste mail back…
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Medical Waste Pathogens

In 1991, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) established the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard to protect workers from the risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens, including the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV/Aids) and the…

Medical Waste Reduction at Your Practice

It seems counter intuitive, but has your medical waste service provider ever made efforts to help you with medical waste reduction at your practice?  Chances are your current provider hasn’t and that is largely because the more waste you…
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Why Choose a Locally Owned Business?

Now, more than ever, the support of Alaskan owned and operated businesses has the opportunity to provide mitigating impacts on the current softening of our state’s economy.  If you need to purchase a product or service and are faced with…
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Medical Waste Disposal Best Practices

The medical waste industry is very complex and dynamic. With so many different types of medical waste, different rules and regulations from federal, state, and local entities, it can quickly become challenge managing all requirements.  Compounding…
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Alaska Medical Waste Regulations

Alaska medical waste regulations are managed by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (AKDEC).  Medical waste regulations are outlined in Alaska Administrative Code (18 AAC 60.030) as part of more encompassing regulations involving…

DOT Medical Waste Regulations

Overview of DOT Medical Waste Regulations The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) provides specific medical waste regulations which outline how generators of these materials share joint and several liabilities with their waste service provider. …
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OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard

Most all health care practitioners are aware of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) role in promoting workplace safety through its Bloodborne Pathogen Standard.  This standard, established in 1991, is detailed in 29 CFR…
Alaska medical waste disposal

The Biohazard Symbol

In 2016, the universal biohazard symbol that is used to visually communicate the presence of known and potentially infectious biological material celebrated its 50th birthday.  According to The New York Times, the universal biohazard symbol…
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We are fortunate to live and work in one of the most spectacular places in world, Alaska.  Our remoteness, climate, and geography further support our state's uniqueness while making the process of delivering quality health care in our communities…

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